Sunday 22 October 2017

IMG 01601

This is a photo of us being led through the dark woods of the Hardwick Estate by Miriam Rose!

One of our younger participants has shared her thoughts on the walk:

'Miriam met us in the candle and fairylight-lit Pumphouse, warm with a burning wood stove; then we set off on our Walk in the Dark. An adventurous journey through the muddy woods, full of towering trees, black against the light polluted sky, and tripping roots. Sounds of owls, creatures busy with late night business surrounded us, and if you listened carefully you could hear the rustling of undergrowth. Amidst this night forest we sat in a circle, feeling like an ancient pack of human-beings, at one with nature, at one with the world, our senses suddenly sharper. We ended this incredible walk back where we started, fire dancing, lights flickering, warm tea brewing, and a beautiful sense of community.

(Lauren Leach-Scrivens)


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