Saturday 21 December 2016


 ...And I am telling you this in the Dark

In the Dark I am telling you this

Yet my words are unlit

In the Dark I am passing you unlit words

That you cannot see

My words are searching the darkness

Seeking you whom I cannot see

And yet, and yet, and yet

     It is in the darkness that we meet

And together we wash

The overwintering seed.

A very special start to our Festival of the Dark, and great thanks to Olympia Ballroom for hosting the night so beautifully. The evening began with dinner, in the dark, whilst Edward Chilvers treated us to a recital of his polyrhythmic compositions. The frisson of the dark stirred conversations not dissimilar to those heard at weddings, but people gradually allowed themselves to sink into the unique nature of the experience, and to make the most of this opportunity. A spoken word exploration of darkness followed, written by Jennifer Leach and performed by herself and Racquel Jory-Phelps. Edward shared his Bwiti harp music from Gabon, and the evening ended with a sound bath from Padimi Healing Sounds. Gongs, wooden flutes, voice, drums, singing bowls and more, wove a meditative tapestry of sound that fell upon us as the blessing it was.

Best feedback: 'Such an unfolding of community in darkness - what a beautiful start to a festival' (James Hughes)

'We were disappointed it was not dark enough' (many people)

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