Wednesday 21 June 2017












‘A beautiful and revelatory telling of Eliot’s masterpiece’

Two of our great English storytellers - Ashley Ramsden and Flora Pethybridge - brought to South Street Arts Centre their inspired rendition of one of the great poems of the English language, T S Eliot’s Four Quartets, breathtaking in its profundity and scope. Ashley and Flora breathed a remarkable understanding and life into it, gifting it to their listeners as a sacred offering. In the haze of a heatwave so appropriate for Summer Solstice, for an hour we sat spellbound - literally - as rhythm, sound, shifting pace, voice and mood, and the music of the poem itself, worked deep within us. It was a moving experience, beyond comprehension. Which is where all the best creativity lies.

Best feedback: 

"A truly wonderful evening I found the whole performance fascinating and gripping. Thank you so much." Stephen Carr

"I thought this would be pleasant and interesting. I was wrong, so wrong. It was emotive, inspirational, gripping, instructive: impressive as performance, and intellectually and emotionally engaging. Loved it. Another brilliant event." Alex Siddall

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