3 February 2017 - video here

Our first Festival event following the launch, was the welcoming of Marion Leeper and her magical tent, to English Martyrs Pre-school in Reading. Marion is storyteller extraordinaire, and Bard of Cambridge.

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Her Stories in the Dark was all about the magic of the darkness. Inside an enchanted tent filled with twinkling lights, soft rugs and blankets, the children piled, throwing jewels and shapes onto an overhead projector, making shadows, forms and colours on the walls of the tent. It could only be done in darkness. As the stories progressed, the lights dimmed until, just for one second, the children were in darkness. To their utter delight.

In the tent they explored the dark, questioning the notion that it is frightening, and exploring their world in a fresh sensory way, all safely held within Marion's enchanted environment.

Best feedback:

From 4-year-old Selena when asked if she had found the dark scary, "No, not at all. I want bigger dark! Can we do it again?"

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