Friday 1 & Saturday 2 September 2017 - video here

Hello, hello, my name is Crow! - new stories for new times

Stories, yarns, tales – these are what we spin as we live out who (and why) we are, during our extra-ordinary sojourn on planet Earth. Within this story, Song of Crow, there are no rules. No limits. No boundaries. No conventions. Definitely no points for good behaviour. Rambunctious, tumultuous, rowdy, raucous, humorous, painful, precarious, spontaneous.

Witty and sardonic, Crow visited South Street Arts Centre to assess how his creation was getting on…


White bone of the white bird, Crow trawls the darkness in his boat, co-spinning with Mother a glorious creation from the Void - Earth. Once all is set in motion, the bird lets go. Oh, Crow! Oh NO!

The world is now in perilous state. Damaged environmentally, and fractured socially. Who is to blame? Man and God rail against each other. But in the end, does it matter? What we have is all we have. And what we know is all we know. And where we are is where we are.

Is this not the only question - where do we go from here? On the same stubborn path, until there are no bees, no trees, nothing but dead land and dead seas? Or do we change? An important choice.

Crow Mother Child


Best feedback:

'Exquisite and unforgettable'

''Still reeling from seeing Song of Crow last night: a creation myth brought to flesh blood & bone: light & dark, with moments of fear, anxiety, sadness and invoking a kind of miserableness in me only previously provoked by watching a Beckett play - my humanness today is all alive with a sense of storyfulness and craving to keep connected to the non-human world, particularly our crow brethren. Theatre like this is crucial, nay urgent for our times, and the life of our individual & collective cultural imaginations.'

'Visionary, prophetic, poetic'


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