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The Mahabarata is one of the great Indian classical texts, a mammoth story of ... well, of life and death. It has transfixed me with its tales that strike beyond the head and logical mind, and which resonate in the gut; ancient tales for the here and now. The focus of my latest body of work is the Death of Bhishma, in which the old noble patriarch is slain on the battlefield by his beloved young surrogate grandson, Arjuna. So many are the golden arrows with which his body is pierced, that when he falls from his chariot - still living - no part of his body touches the earth. He is raised above it on a bed of arrows.

It is the hand of destiny that Bhishma must die, in order that the new order can thrive, and Bhishma embraces his fate. He loves Arjuna, he knows that it is time for new leadership, wise ways. Arjuna slays him with the deepest sadness, and the greatest respect.

The Death of Bhishma is, too, a tale of non-separation; both Arjuna and Bhishma exist within each reader.

This work has already been shown in La Liberté d'Expression, and is being developed as a tool for deep storytelling. Details will follow.

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