Autumn equinoxDay and night are in balance again. The colours of autumn are starting to curl the leaves, breathe across hedgerows and paint the pavements soggy. Rustic reds, browns and oranges erupt during this phase of our living planet. This palette emerges from the deep earth of mud, soil & warmth underground.  A leaf - half green, half yellow - see the two embrace; opposites coming together as part of a whole. Fruits ripen, harvest continues, inviting us to take action and savour the bounty of our earth and relationships.

The sap draws away from the leaves into the heartwood where it is protected over winter; here it cannot freeze and damage the tree. Only by withdrawing is this possible. And so too, we should draw our energies and resources inwards, selective as to what they protect.

As our own muddy footprints start to sink into the earth, so too does the dragon go underground, carrying the energy of fire into the inner realms. A Dragon Day symbol that encourages us to re-connect to our willpower, determination and strength by looking within. This is a time to be courageous with our decisions. How can we learn from our surroundings to also brush off the leaves and shake the branches in our own lives? How can we bring ourselves into balance & reconcile opposites in order to see them as part of the whole?

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