Thursday 21 December

 On the longest night of the year – we invited everyone in Reading to turn off all mobiles, computer devices and lights, and to share a candlelit meal in their own homes. We wished to bring the town together in celebration of what is important - simplicity, community and the fragile beauty of our Earth. Imagine!

Where the initial concept had been a dramatic 'turning of the town dark', from the big players down, the nature of the festival led us to understand this movement would begin at each hearth, and expand outwards.

The response was strong, and we will repeat this each year, until Reading does indeed turn dark, from the desire of each household to hold sustainable values dear.


Feedback: #countmycandle Family Collins gathered for a meal in the candlelight and shared stories of innovation in science, philosophy and a little dabble in theology... the response - "we should do this more often..." and so we shall! Thanks for a sublimely simple yet gorgeous idea. x

#countmycandle Sarah Hacker: It was nice. My youngest felt a bit scared to start with but then realised how much he could see by candlelight. They loved the candles and quiet.

#countmycandle  Carole Meunier: Celebrating live by candlelight here at our home ...

#countmycandle Jennifer Leach: How was your evening? Ours was a healthy mixture of tired grumpiness, jigsaws, and poetry reading by candlelight. The poetry reading came to a fairly abrupt end when the candle wax spilled all over the book. There was a wonderful honesty to the evening and it's taken a long time to get around to turning the phones, computers and wifi back on....

#countmycandle Jane Waring: Supper for two, an oasis of calm 💞🔥


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