The first of the year's four Fire Festivals, the festival of Imbolc (pronounced Ee-molc), also known as Candlemas. Quietly it celebrates the first signs of spring, and the return of the sun. Slim buds showing, snowdrops emerging, evenings growing lighter. With a sigh of warm relief, it marks – with some optimism – the successful passing of winter and the beginning of the agricultural year.

After the shut-in life of the long, dark months, Winter weakens, as the sun shines longer and lustier with each passing day. So Imbolc is a Festival of light and tender young shoots – new beginnings and fresh energies. This age-old festival of bonfires and blazes represents our own illumination and inspiration as much as it does light and warmth.

Candles are often lit on this day, in the presence of fresh white flowers, to celebrate the onset of green shoots and renewed light.

We wish you a fresh green Imbolc!

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