Festival of the Dark - Love by Candlelight from Real Time on Vimeo.

On the night of 21st December – the longest night of the year – we are inviting everyone in Reading to turn off all mobiles, computer devices and lights, and to share a candlelit meal in their own homes. We wish to bring the town together in celebration of what is important - simplicity, community and the fragile beauty of our Earth. Imagine! If each home commits for one evening to the beauty of candlelit darkness. Enjoy a meal without the distractions of social media, mobiles, televisions. Play games, solve charades, share stories. Reconnect with the forgotten pleasure of simple delights and a slower pace.

Picture the power of acting together to bring a town into warm candlelit darkness, giving us a rest from frenzy and harsh lights, a time to be still and peaceful.

Love by Candlelight will run between 6.30pm and 8.30pm; we would like Reading to be at its darkest at 7:30pm. However, knowing that a set time may be difficult to commit to, we encourage participation whenever on that night is possible.

We ask that all of you intending to participate tweet or write on our Love by Candlelight Facebook event wall: #countmycandle. And on the night, send your FB messages, tweets and photos before turning off devices.

Stay updated with the movement through our FB event:

FB Love by Candlelight

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