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Dazzle – illuminated by the darkness

During the week 1-10 September Festival of the Dark linked with St John & St Stephen's Church to host a ‘pop-up festival’ in East Reading, bringing together and exploring where the darkness meets community life. 

For many people, current issues the world is facing seem overwhelming; the fast-paced nature of capitalism and hungry consumerism raise many challenges politically, socially and philosophically. For those at the wrong end, or outside, the social scale, the prospects seem bleak and dark.

Dazzle emerged in ‘conversation’ with these themes in order to explore what darkness means for science, art, theology, philosophy and culture, a festival of ideas and practice. Some of our conversations included ‘hidden’ ideas of guerrilla gardening, community enrichment and permaculture.

The week began with theatrical work Song of Crow, posing the question, 'where do we go from here?'. There followed a week of diverse events: meditation, song and storytelling, film night, the dramatic challenge of 'divesting' presented in The Seven Coats of Inanna,  Kate Raworth speaking of her revolutionary Doughnut Economy - all of these interweaving with humour, laughter and strengthening of community.

On the final Saturday, we held Dazzle-Thinking, a gathering of invited speakers who probed the philosophical, scientific, artistic, poetic and social aspects of Darkness.

It was indeed a rich ten days of exploration. We will, when time allows, bring edited versions of some of these events to the website, and look forward to extending their reach.


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