Wednesday 20 December

Olympia Ballroom, London Road, Reading

A profound and truly celebratory closing of the circle. Once again, the Olympia welcomed us with their generosity, attentive care and delicious food, and we finished the year as we began. With community in darkness and stillness, we meditated by candlelight, ate, shared music and the communal poetry of the Renga workshops, looked back over the wonders of the year in film, and closed with a circle song - the raising of voices together in communion, before venturing back out into the busy world.

Great thanks to the Olympia Ballroom, Alice McGuigan, Edward Chilvers, Heather Parker, Ruth Blake, Anne Latto, Jim McGuigan, Paul Scrivens, Zoe Hatch and Real Time.


Safe onward journeys, and may the seeds sown in community during this extraordinary year bear great fruit. Thank you all for your commitment, presence, courage and joyous company through the unfolding course of this festival.






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