Sunday 24 September 2017

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Reading’s Waterside Centre out at Thames Valley Park saw a very special gathering, led by Joy Lovesey, to mark the Autumn Equinox. Fire, flames, drums, heart-opening cacao, and a series of participative actions focussed on bringing healing to ourselves and the world. We called in positive imaginings, we symbolically tossed into the fire that which we did not want to take with us into the future. There was a remarkably open sense of trust and sharing between strangers, coming together to co-create powerful positive energies to send out into our community and to our Earth.  




Best feedback:

"I was caught up in the moments - and what an utter delight and joy those moments were. One of those magical rituals that really 'took' - everything came together and by the end I felt I'd known this group of relative strangers  most of my life.  When we dissolved the circle and consigned the night to the annuls of history and memory, I really felt quite bereft."

Laura Harwood

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