Jennifer Leach - Director

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Jennifer is a professional artist, playwright & filmmaker and has worked as lead artist at the RA, Courtauld Institute and other major London galleries. In 2011 she established her own company, Outrider Anthems, in order to realize the exploratory multimedia dramatic works that are the company’s hallmark. Shifting consciousness and changing hearts and minds is, for her, the rich purpose of art; with her stories she hopes to re-illuminate our natural interconnection with Earth, and to dance that relationship with love and joy. She revels in wielding with zany imagination that marvellous ancient wizardy wand of storytelling.


Alice McGuigan - Project Manager

Alice McGuigan ii

Alice is the Universe's great gift to Outrider Anthems! Since graduating from Queen Mary University of London with a degree in English and Drama(2013), Alice has balanced local arts project management alongside writing and teaching Yoga internationally, as Yogi Wonderland ( She worked as the events organiser and publicist for the Dunsden Owen Association to launch their new Wilfred Owen Trail App (2015) and writes biographies for Story Terrace. Alice has also been a member of Progress Theatre for the last fourteen years, recently volunteering as a performer and writer as part of their Outreach Project in care homes around Reading.


Who else is involved?

Each Outrider Anthems production involves its own team of talented actors, camera operators and composers, many of them young artists seeking to develop a portfolio and gain experience. The current team worked together to create Outrider Anthems' latest production, Song of Crow, to be staged at South Street Arts Centre on 31 August/1 September 2017.

Gary Peinke - Crow

Gary Peinke

Born in South Africa, Gary has been involved in theatre and music productions since the age of 10. In 1996 he moved to Germany to train with Gospel Art Studio and Belleherst Productions (USA) before working at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich; he has toured with various dance and theatre ensembles in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, the UK and South Africa. He was Artistic Director for “new challenge”; an international musical theatre project for teenagers and young adults. Gary is currently head of a Music and Drama school in Germany.  He is involved in script writing, directing and teaching for various groups, schools and organizations. 

Kathleen Anne Thompson - Mother

Kathleen ThompsonBorn in USA, the founder/Artistic Director of Belleherst Productions, Kathleen studied physical theatre at Jacque Le Coq’s School for Movement Theatre, Paris, and diversely in dance, commedia del’arte and classical theatre in the U.S.A. Relocating to Europe, she has focussed on multicultural street theatre, and training young people in movement theatre and dramatic dance. She has written and produced five major productions for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and tours shows in Europe and the USA.  Amongst many awards bestowed on her is the National Polish Online Film and Television Award, and an Honorary Professorship by the Yunan Institute of Arts, Kunming, China.  Kathleen danced the Bone Mother in Outrider Anthems' previous production of Where Then Shall We Start?

Piotr Pawarski - Man

Piotr PawarskiPiotr is currently a student at East 15 Acting School in London. He specialises in unusual and seemingly impossible theatre challenges. A strongly physical actor, stilt-walker, circus freak and training stunt-man, he bravely engages in any creative project. At the age of 15 he started his journey as a performer in Poland and United Arab Emirates. He trained in movement theatre under the directorship of Kathleen Ann Thompson and spent the next five years with Avatar Theatre in Poland. He manages his own stilt-walking company near London. Peter was a member of the chorus in Outrider Anthems' previous production of Where Then Shall We Start?


Edward Chilvers - Piano/Composer

eddie bwBorn and brought up in Reading, Edward is an exceptional musician who was given the rare accolade of Young Steinway Artist. Besides piano, he plays guitar, drums, trumpet – you name it, he plays it. His chief focus is on composition, and he is currently exploring the rich, complex and mysterious worlds of modes and polyrhythms, as explored in his TedX talk in Reading, March 2016. His piano Etudes are shortly to be published with Mozart Editions. Edward is also a dedicated piano teacher, drawing great creativity from his pupils.


Ellen Carter - Chorus

Ellen CarterEllen is a British actress and artiste born on Hayling Island, raised in Shropshire. Her work is often highly physical; a fusion of voice, movement and circus skills. She trained in post dramatic theatre and visual performance at specialist institution Dartington College of Arts, going on to study screen acting and stage combat at Towson University, MD, USA. Motion capture is the latest addition to Ellen’s repertoire. Her devised projects have received critical acclaim from London’s top fringe venues. She has performed for Ferrari in Abu Dhabi and recently completed a 9-month theatre tour of Spain. Ellen’s film work includes dark independent feature Malady, and short film noir Deception. 


Louise Larchbourne - Chorus

Louise Larchbourne iiLouise read English literature, before beginning a career in theatre, dance and mixed media projects. She wrote and performed a myth-styled piece for the Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. With two dancers, she formed a company, touring the UK and Amsterdam. Louise later toured Europe and the UK in street, stage and environmental work with the off-the-wall company, The Phantom Captain. Louise has been in three runs of an immersive production of A Picture of Dorian Gray, has worked with Thrice Three Muses, and made some short film appearances. Voice work includes dubbing Klara’s grandma in the new production of Heidi, featuring Bruno Ganz.

Marianne Mills - Chorus

Maz Mills iiMaz’s screen work includes Our Kind of Traitor (Potboiler Productions/The Ink Factory) and Mercedes (Modalfish Productions), her theatre work includes Missing in Brighton (Fluxx Theatre Company). With a particular interest in improvisation and developing new work, Maz regularly takes part in scratch nights in and around London. She also works as a presenter and enjoys dabbling in filmmaking in her spare time, often drawing inspiration from the landscape and stories of her native Scotland.


 Lauren Leach-Scrivens - Child

laurenLauren was born in Reading, and has lived with the comings and goings of Outrider Anthems for much of her life. She loves dance and music, plays the piano, never has her nose out of a book, and is a happy soul. She has done a little bit of acting with Parcans - Progress Theatre’s junior branch. She has never done anything quite like this before.






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