Outrider Anthems - a sacred art practice.

Outrider Anthems is a contemporary site of celebration, a concept as much as an actuality. It centres on the imaginative soul; it seeks to develop and honour creativity in all its nascent and flowering forms; it honours intellectual and conceptual complexity, and the urgent simplicity of instinctive mark-making, it acknowledges the ancient binds between animal, Earth and human; it delights in the seasonal cycles and the impermanence of Matter; it appreciates the humour in the Divine Comedy.

Outrider Anthems welcomes and recognises fellow Outriders - creative, pioneering spirits who stand satisfyingly small within the realms of Universe, singing true the song cycles of Creation and of Life: paeans and litanies, dirges and requiems. In community the Outriders hold a vision. Within, and benefitting from the urbanised, technological landscape of the 21st century, they re-turn to the turning of the planets, the wheeling of the Earth, and the eternal truths of spirit and soul. In creative song they come together – writers, directors, actors, camera operators, composers, friends and family, to create the work that is:


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