Outrider Anthems' vision is to nurture a community invested in creating positive change for Earth.

Our mission is to emotionally engage communities, through story and creativity, in conversations about our declining relationship to Earth, and the liberation inherent in reversing this decline.

We work with artistic outriders across all disciplines.

Jennifer Leach - Director

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 Jennifer is a professional artist, playwright & filmmaker and has worked as lead artist at the RA, Courtauld Institute and other major London galleries. In 2011 she established her own company, Outrider Anthems, in order to realize the exploratory multimedia dramatic works that are the company’s hallmark. Shifting consciousness and changing hearts and minds is, for her, the rich purpose of art; with her stories she hopes to re-illuminate our natural interconnection with Earth, and to dance that relationship with love and joy. She revels in wielding with zany imagination that marvellous ancient wizardy wand of storytelling.


 Alice McGuigan - Project Manager

Alice McGuigan ii

 Since graduating from Queen Mary University of London with a degree in English and Drama(2013), Alice has balanced local arts project management alongside writing and teaching Yoga internationally, as Yogi Wonderland (https://www.facebook.com/yogiomwonderland.) She worked as the events organiser and publicist for the Dunsden Owen Association to launch their new Wilfred Owen Trail App (2015) and writes biographies for Story Terrace. Alice has also been a member of Progress Theatre for the last fourteen years, recently volunteering as a performer and writer as part of their Outreach Project in care homes around Reading.



Who else is involved?

Each Outrider Anthems production involves its own team of outriders - artists, actors, designers, musicians, composers, camerapeople, technicians. Biographies are posted here in keeping with current projects.




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